Pelham Street School

Class photographed in 1924/25

By John Cording

This photograph was taken at Pelham Street School in 1924/25.

My mother is pictured third from the left on the second row up. She was born at 9, Railway Street in 1919. She lived there until her marriage in 1939.

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Photo:Class in Pelham Street School 1924/25

Class in Pelham Street School 1924/25

From the private collection of John Cording

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Hi John. What a pretty little girl your mother was. The photo is in very good condition. What a long time ago. I like the pictures hanging on long strings. Did she live to a good age? Regards

By Julie Annets (06/04/2011)

Julie: Mum is 92 and still going strong!

By John Cording (08/04/2011)

That is wonderful. She will get a telegram from the Queen!

By Julie Annets (10/04/2011)

Whicy school was this, the North of Pelham Street or the South?

By Andrew Buck (24/06/2017)