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I am hunting information on the Penitent Home at 16 Blue Boar Road, Leicester, England in 1881. There was a 14 year old girl there. Her name was Sarah Jane Jacques. She was a sister of my grandfather. I would like to know if she had a child and where she went and when she left. If she had a child was it adopted out and could we find out who adopted it. We can't find any trace of her after 1881 census.

By Christine Hale (01/02/2011)

I've just started working in Norwood House, which overlooks Wykeham Terrace. From there I can see what looks like the back of a chapel. At the front (in Queen Square) however, there just seems to be houses. I can only assume that the chapel was converted into one or more houses and façades built. Can anyone tell me any more about this?

By Karl (08/02/2012)

I'm researching family history and have found that my great-grandmother gave birth to a child at Albion Hill Home in 1919.  Her name was Elizabeth Rose Cox and I'm interested in finding out about the time that she stayed at the home and if there are any records kept anywhere. If anyone can point me in the right right direction please get in touch.

By Lee Annals (07/03/2018)