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I remember a girl from this school called Alice Baxter. Her father was a priest in Newbury Berks. The girls used to come to our Ranger Unit at Elm Grove Girls School and my Mum and I had to escort them back to the school after the meetings. They always enjoyed the cream sponges my Mum used to make. I often wonder what happened to Alice, Tooms and another girl whose name escapes me.

By Yvonne Taylor (12/12/2010)

Does anyone out there remember my mother Patricia (Pat) and her sister Wendy McCabe?  Don't know exact dates but guessing they attended St Mary's Hall between approx. 1930 and 1940.  Both lived with their parents in East Drive, Queens Park, Brighton.  Brothers Timothy and David attended Brighton College.  Please let me know, I'm experiencing a genealogy crisis.  Thanks

By Frances Hymas (14/07/2016)