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by Jeremy Homeward 23 October 2009

Hello, I just wanted to update any interested party on the Find my Past/1911 Fiasco.
The following message (subject: Re: DON’T GET CAUGHT 1911 CENSUS ) was posted by Jeremy Homeward, on 10/23/2009 3:21:00 PM.

Hello Brian Roote, thank you for your response, with report of your positive experience, to give balance.

However, it does not reflect my experience over this past week.
The fact is, I finally spoke to the ‘Holding Company’ Bright Solid, today. They acknowledged the shortfall in the failure of the Find my Past subscription web access to provide a link to one’s previously purchased records on the pay to view site and the unsatisfactory nature of the necessary measures one has to take, to make any use of one’s saved ‘My Records’ on the original site, having to re-enter them again through Find my Past subscription, and, in my case, getting negative results.

After being virtually ignored by FMP, I have secured a full refund through the holding company, Bright Solid.

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