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Actress & Musician - Family History

by Dora Sinclair (Swift) born 1891 30 November 2007

I have been trying to trace any information about two sisters born in the late 1800s:

Dora (known as Dolly) Caroline Swift born 1891. Her sister was Louisa Maud Swift (known as Maud) born 1886. They were both actresses and musicians and performed on the London stages.

Dora Caroline married a Professor of Music and Languages (named Sinclair) and they lived at Chiswick Hall in London where he taught. I have been unable to trace any marriage registered for Dora Swift to Sinclair.

Dora Caroline Sinclair was known to be living in Hove, Sussex in 1973 age 81, date of death is unknown. It is not known when she went to live in Hove but it is thought that she was living there for some time.

She may have perhaps continued her acting/musical interests via a local group. Has anyone got an ideas how I can trace anything? Failing that what would be the best local newspaper to try to find an obituary for her?

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