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Alf Goad, Pankhurst Avenue

by Robert Green 13 February 2006

To Alf Goad, from Robert Green. Saw your note in the website. I live in New Jersey, in the US now, and my e-mail address is 1. I know your name was Goad, but had forgotten your first name. I believe your father and my step-father, Charles Barnard worked for Brighton Transport in the 30s, when you lived in Pankhurst Avenue and I lived at 7 Firle Road. I bought a bicycle from you in about 1937 or 38. We went to St Luke’s Senior Boys School. I had two step-sisters, Olive and Joan Barnard, and was friendly with a girl named Joan Reed, who lived in Clayton Road, next to the Inkpens.
I was a flight engineer in the RAF during WWII, then worked as an industrial photographer for Machinery Publishing Co when their offices were in West Street. Later I became an editor of Machinery magazine, published in Euston Road, London, and in 1967 I emigrated to the US, where I am now retired, at the age of 83. I’ve had a heart by-pass operation for atheroschlerosis and wear a Pacemaker to keep my heart rythm going.
Last month my wife, Stella, and I went to London for a week of sightseeing and theaters, and had a great time. We are planning to be in England again in June. I believe a previous message from you said that you now live in Australia, and that seems to be confirmed by your e-mail address of They should have made it OS, which I believe a lot of Aussies use for their country’s name these days. My other step-sister Louise, has several children who now live in or near Brisbane. I’d be happy to hear from and correspond with you. Sincerely, Bob Green

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