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Brigadier General K J Kincaid Smith

by Geoff Robbins 3 March 2016

I have been researching my grandfather’s war record and have come across the name of his old CO – (then) Lt Col K J Kincaid-Smith. Further research (FreeBMD & 1911 Census) suggests that he was born in Brighton in 1871 and that he was quite a distinguished officer, ending WW1 as a Brigadier General with a DSO and other honours to his credit. As a young officer he also took part in the notorious Jameson Raid into the Transvaal and was tried (and acquitted) for that alongside Jameson.

What I haven’t found is any reference to his family in Brighton between his birth and 1911, nor do I recall ever hearing any mention of him as a ‘son’ of the town.

Does anyone know anything of him or his family locally?


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