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Brighton 19c photographers

by John Snelling 28 May 2018

A distant relative of mine sent me parcel of mainly Victorian photographs of possible relations. I am compiling a SNELLING family tree using and as the photos have no names on them, the only possible way of putting names to faces is by providing names of the professional; photographers whose names are on the back of several photos and hoping that someone will have inherited their lists of customers and together with serial numbers that are written on several photos, I may be able to ascertain who the photos are of.
Here are details of the Photographers:
Henry Spink Jnrof 109 Western Road Brighton
A D Norman & Co 9 North St Quadrant (app the jubilee clock tower).
C Hawkins 32, 33 & 38 Preston St.
Robert Walls 90 London Road
William Prudden(the North Brighton School of Photography)19 Tidy St
George Ruff 45 Queens Rd
Charle Grey 67 Lewes Rd
CJA Davis 48 West St
W & AH Fry 68 East St
Antill photographers 57 Preston St
Hy Spink & Son 36 Goldstone Villas and Preston Road
A & C Taylor (photographers to The Queen {Victoria} 34 kings Road)
Many of these photos have reference numbers that would enable the sitter(s) to be traced.
I would be most grateful for any help that may be available such as museum held records as well as private.
John C Snelling

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