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Brighton Marina Lock

by Martin Schäfer 25 March 2003

I’m a German student (hydraulic engineering) and I have visited Brighton twice and loved it, unfortunately not showing any interest in the Brighton Marina Lock then since now, within the framework of my master’s thesis, I’m planning a new marina with a locked harbour in China. Since Brighton Marina comes closest in size and siting to what “my” marina is going to be like, at least in Europe, I was wondering whether somebody can give me any information about the lock. I’ve found the size of the chamber and know it has so called delta-gates, but that’s about it! So if anyone can give me any engineering and/or operating details (filling-system, operating times, …) about the lock or can tell me where I can get them, please let me know. I’d be very grateful. I’ve already tried the Brighton Marina Yacht Club’s website, but unfortunately they don’t have a contact-link! You can either just post a message here or contact me via e-mail:! Thank you in advance!

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