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Brighton Tattoo History

by John Parkinson 13 May 2021 10:14 PM

Hi folks,
I’m looking to see if anyone has any accounts of tattooists working in Brighton between 1960s to late 80’s.
You see a fair few older gents sporting the work of tattooist Bob Bonwick, who worked on the Palace Pier up until roughly 1980/82.
He potentially carried on from his father and worked alongside his brother Alan for a time. He was known as “Peg-leg Bob” as he had a prosthetic leg due to a crash.
He was known to have a trap door through the floor of the pier to fish through between tattoo appointments.
His spot on the pier was later taken oven by Gary White, who later was to build up his own shop from scratch in Kensington Gardens to avoid the council business rates!

Later there was Danny Fuller working who started Blue Dragon on North Road, the longest running shop in Brighton.

If anyone has any stories, photographs of shops or tattoos themselves and would like to share it would be greatly appreciated!

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