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by kiitty 10 September 2009

its early i know but it would be interesting to know with the readers what they most remember about the best present they had at christmas, i was in the attic a few weeks ago and dont laugh but i had a look at my dolls and one is im sure some of you had is a (bride doll) she still has her little white shoes on and dress and veil. i really belived in father christmas after that my brothers had mechcano ( sorry i dont think iv spelt that right, my dad always got cross when they lost the screws and little bolts,im mid 60s now and my mum is still with us ,mind you that was all we had the one present. she says it was the help from the providant man which she paid back weekly when he knocked the door some-how we always seemed to have snakes and ladders to play mum said the winters were very bad and to try and get the coal in to keep warm was such a worry. also have you readers still got any-thing from your childhood hope this isnt boring but this site brings back lots of my past thank you

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