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Church Hill and Spring Street

by Jeanette C 16 March 2017

I’m trying to pin point the house where my mother was born (in 1929), On her birth certificate it says 3 New Spring Street, but I think the ‘New’ might be wrong as I can’t find a street of that name. As far as I know, they always lived in Patcham – in the upper part of Church Hill from the early 30’s onwards. I know that some of Church Hill was previously called Spring Street so originally thought the first house number I have for them there (21) was the same as house as on the birth certificate but now understand that Spring Street was the lower part of Church Hill – what is now old London Road. My great grandfather William Clapson was the orginal owner of Clapson’s stores there, so it would make sense that they were in a house nearby. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

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