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Cinemas in Brighton and Hove

by Lesley Smith 11 May 2004

I was looking at your site and noted that there is no mention of the Academy Cinema (West Street)the Curzon and the Embassy(Western Road). I worked at the Academy,Odeon and Regent when they were part of the Rank Organisation. I was in the Booking Office of the Regent and as a cashier at the other two. I started going to the Academy as a child to watch the Saturday Morning Pictures with my brother which must have been in the sixties.
I started working at the Academy when I left school as a cashier/advance booking office clerk.
I remember also working as an usherette part-time evenings when I was about 16 and working fulltime elsewhere, this was to finance mynewly aquired passion for ice-skating, which started at the old SS stadium in West Street and moved onto the Top Rank, Kingswest. (Why ever has that rink not been replaced)It was such a good way to keep fit and enjoy ones self – the children of today could do with somewhere like that to let off steam. I sincerly hope that the proposed Rink at Blackrock finally gets built. It will be too late for me to take up the sport again, but there is another generation that would benefit from such a venture.
I would love to read about the cinemas I mentioned and see any pictures that anyone has of them.

Thank you for an excellent site. Keep up the good work.

Lesley Smith

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