George Ernest Bryant lived in Brighton

by Kathryn Bryant 21 November 2010

Hi, I was adopted shortly after my birth and have in the last year or so found many ancestors. Sadly my father George Ernest Bryant passed away in Brighton in 1961. He is buried in Bear Road Cemetary and I have found his grave and am tending to it. I never knew him, he was born in Ireland and ended up in London and finally in Brighton. He lived at 37 Cannon Place, Brighton, the address given on his death certificate. I believe this property is no longer there but am not 100% sure. I do know that Dad liked a beer. Am wondering if it was some kind of boarding house ie guest house or bed and breakfast? I have recently found out that a Mrs Connor has applied to the undertakers to have a headstone put on my father’s grave, there is not one on the grave though. Would anyone know who this Mrs Connor is/was and also if there is anyone still out there who may have known my father. He was 47 when he passed away. He died in the Bevendean Hospital of various illnesses and am wondering if there is any way (if they are still in existence) could I get access to his file? Am probably clutching at straws here though as if they are still in existence then it would probably be confidential. Anyone any ideas please? Look forward to hearing from someone if you could help.

Kind regards

Kathryn Bryant

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