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Harriet Gunn flower seller

by Chris Grant 31 August 2014

I have been researching the Gunn family for a grandchild of Harriet Turner & C E Gunn. Although this mother of 11, all children interestingly registered as Turner, and not Gunn, at birth with just her as the mother on the cert, was such a well known person on the streets of Brighton from the early 1900s to 1949. But, I have yet to find a picture of her. Can anyone help please? I am sure the Evening Argos has some in their archives- but these are not available online .

Also, Harriet had a brother Charles Turner, living Ivory Place in 1905 when his daughter Winifred was born to him and Marjorie Ball. Does anyone know of any descendants from him: I believe that they might help me get to the bottom of who Harriet Turner really was!
Charles Edward Gunn actually married a Maud Markovitch in 1889, but by 1894 was living with Harriet as his common law wife. Any one any idea of what happened to Maud?
I have all my research – going back to and beyond Martha Killock of course! – on my own website, which I would be very pleased to share with any of your readers, especially Nicole, who posted here wayback ,~2008. and was also interested in Harriet

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