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Has anyone any news on family history

by George Lintott 27 October 2013

My grandfather was George Lintott, he had 5 brothers, he enlisted to his fathers dissatisfaction into the 2nd Boer war of 1898 -1901, and when the great war broke out he fought in the trenches of France, he was shunned by his father for not going into the family business of steam traction, his father did not want to know him, so he made his way to Glasgow to meet up with commrads of war and got married and settled down. He joined the railways as a guard, he had three sons who followed him into the industry becoming steam drivers, I am one of three sons of his middle son James King Galloway Lintott. My grandfather became a £10 pom and went to Austrailia in the 1950’s. M y name is George Lintott, can anyone shed more light of history to me please. As far as I know I have put down what I was told by my father.

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