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Landlord surname "Alce" from Flowing Stream

by Rich Benham 31 August

My grandparents (Chas Alce) used to run The Volunteer (Mash Tun) and my mother was born upstairs in 1943. However, Mum seems to think that my great grandparents (also) Alce, used to run a pub called The Flowing Stream. She seems to think that it was by the station (Surrey Street) and that she may have lived there, but she was born in ’43 and I think it was demolished in ’25. There was another in the Southover Street area, but I can’t find any landlord names, nor pictures. It is her 80th Birthday in the next 10-days and I’m trying to get a picture of the right “Flowing Stream”, based on any landlord names that tie up with Alce, if anyone can help to confirm please?

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