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Old Brighton Families

by RichardW 29 July 2010

In my (Windsor) family history searches I have noticed the intermingling of many Brighton families back in the 16th,17th and 18th centuries. Rather than discard information (since it may later prove of use), I have assembled a crude data base from the various sources which include Microfilmed Parish records of Births, Baptisms, marriages and burials many of which are unavailable on the web. Whilst this is an ongoing project and very much in its infancy, I would like to offer any interested parties the opportunity to access the data. I cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any entries, (Elizabethan English and mould) but all are source referenced. The following families are involved (modern spelling) :
Bishop,Bradford,Brappell, Buckerell, Cobby, Comber, Estward, Gillam, Grinyer, Gunn, Harman, Humphery, Hunn, Marchant, Windsor and Wingham, more may be added as time goes on.
Some of the families only have a few entries at this time, others are better represented.

Any interested parties can contact me on

Can I also ask a question of our sage members: What was the true local population of Brighton during the 16th to 18th centuries?

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