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One-legged gate keeper of Aldrington

by Bernice Maynard 12 April 2008

I believe the one-legged gatekeeper mentioned on the Aldrington page of this site to be my husband’s great, great grandfather, Michael MAYNARD. We have recently discovered that he only had one leg. He had a leg taken off in Brighton Hospital after working in the brickfields. The 1841 census shows just one inhabitant of Aldrington and this is Michael MAYNARD. We can supply further information if anyone is interested.
Does anyone know if the old Inn-sign which used to hang at the Aldrington Pub showing a one-legged gate-keeper is now in a museum. When was it taken down? Was the site of the pub where the tollgate used to stand? Any information about the one-legged tollgate keeper is welcome.

Thank you.

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