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researching Grandad

by Dot Sallis 1 February 2014

Hi, I’m trying to track down any information at all about my paternal Grandad, as he died when my Dad was a child we know very little about him.

This is what I’ve managed to find out so far:-
his name was – Christopher Arthur Sallis
he was born – 18 February 1885
he lived at – 20 Hendon Street, Kemptown, Brighton – from birth in 1885 until ?
(I have no intervening information here)
he lived at – 23 Crown Gardens, Brighton – in 1901 (at age 16) until ?
his parents were – Henry & Christiana Sallis
his grandparents were – Christopher & Ellen Sallis and James & Hannah Wall
his siblings were – Ellen Sallis – 1886 – 1968, Henry Sallis – 1890 – 1890, Florence Sallis – 1892 – 1933, Jenny Sallis – 1896 –
he died in 1949

in particular I’m trying to track down the school/s he went to but despite contacting every school in Brighton have drawn a blank.
I hope someone can help

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