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Rottingdean in the past

by Cheryl Felix 7 September 2023 9:03 AM

I worked at Lloyds Bank in the High Street straight from school (1974 to 1982). Does anyone remember Manson’s Bakery? Went in there every day for my cheese and tomato roll! At Easter there were queues down the street for their hot cross buns. Sadly no longer there, along with the other two banks, Johnson’s Hardware, Clarks bakers, Cheshire Cat cafe, the little fish shop near the Black Horse, the Queen Vic and the Coppers, the boutique near the seafront where I bought many a dress, Fuelling’s, and various other establishments which made the old Rottingdean. Now not much more than a choked thoroughfare for traffic negotiating the ‘calming’ measures to get to Saltdean or Brighton. Oh to put the clock back!

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