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Sussex Mansions. 39/40 Sussex Square. 'JC' Smythe.

by Tim Sargeant 1 June

A shot in the dark here:

Does anyone know anything about a Shakespearian actor by the name of J C Smythe who lived in Sussex Mansions during the 1940s and early 50s? Known most of the time by his initials of ‘JC’, his name might have been James as I do seem to remember him being referred to as ‘Jim’. My mother Doris Sargeant (Portraits by Paula) photographed him on several occasions wearing Shakespearian costume and I recently found him in amongst her negatives. He lived with Lucy Sedgebeer at Flat No 9 later moving to Flat No 8 although his name doesn’t appear in local directories. Many Thanks. TCS.

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