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Sussex volunteers - Spanish Civil War

by Steve Ringwood 18 October 2011

Hi everyone

I am hoping that somebody may be able to help us. I am part of a small team with two colleagues just embarking on a University of Sussex research project to investigate local volunteers (Brighton and the wider county of Sussex) to the British Battalion of the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War. Of course we are interested in addition in tracing anyone from our county that traveled to Spain in any capacity during this conflict. Can anybody help us please possibly with information about the identity of individuals or maybe details of local events/protests related to the Spanish conflict?

We are currently in the very early stages but from an initial look at the newspaper archives held at the Brighton History Centre we have already found the names of two men interviewed in a Brighton Gazette article dated 21 December, 1938 in which both gave brief accounts of their time in Spain. The men were William Sill, 21 years old, of Upper Rock Gardens and Anton Miles, 27 years old, of Rugby Road. Perhaps someone has more details about either of these men or their families?

Any information or assistance offered will be so very greatly appreciated.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you
Steve Ringwood

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