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The Occult church of the Seers - Reverend Thompson

by Charlie Butler 16 April

Hull Daily Mail - 1917

Hello Everyone,
I am hoping to find experts on Brunswick Town.
During 1919-1921 in various local trade directories – The Rev Thompson of the Occult Church of the Seers is located at 1, Brunswick Street East ( becoming 55 after a numbering change in 1922). The only other record I have found of Rev. Henry Oliver Thompson was in the newspapers in 1917 , when he was summoned for failing to report for military service. Case was dismissed as he could justify being a conscientious objector (age given as 37).
In 1918 the address was known as the – Brunswick Hall , Nurse’s Rest Room and by 1923 it had become the base for an electrical engineer (Robert Carter).
Does anyone known anything of this Occult church or the Reverend Henry Thompson

Thank you for your time and knowledge