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Where are you all?

by Caroline James 22 December 2009

I am aware that I may be ‘rocking the boat’ here and if the moderator hits the delete button on this message I will understand – anyway I will feel better for writing it. I call into this board most everyday – not for any special reason – but rather to read about things which turn up which are quite fascinating – and I have learned a lot about Brighton history because of it. I am always amazed at the huge response to sometimes the most ordinary posting. And I am amazed again – but not at the response – rather the huge swell of indifference from users of this board to the MyBH call for support about the history centre. If I understand it, the BHC is a very important resource to the group and it would appear to anyone interested in local history – which supposedly most users here are. So why aren’t people responding – even if they don’t use the place – the fact that it is seen as important to fellow groupers should be enough. So let’s see that apathy disappear and please all you regular posters – respond to the call to arms.

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