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Where IS the centre?

by Roy Grant 10 October 2009

Been puzzling over this for a while, for in my youth, THE CENTRE OF TOWN was where the coffe bars and dance halls were, but in my maturity, I realise that was just where the action was and not, geographicly speaking, the true TOWN (or now city) centre. So where it, and what criterion do we use to decide it?
Firstly we need to know what area Brighton and Hove covers. Presumably it includes places on the bondaries like Hangleton, Patcham, Hollingbury, Coldean and Moulsecombe, but what about Portslade, Woodingdean or Ovingdean and Rottingdean. I have a sneaking feeling that some residents of the last two might baulk at the prospect of being considered Brightonians.

Once we know the boundaries, do we then find where two lines drawn between the furthest point north and south, and east and west intersect, or should it be at the intersection of lines drawn between North west to South east and North east to South west. Where I am, they decided the true centre by making a carboard cut out of the area and finding the point of equilibrium. So come on all you with Google Maps and GPSs tell me where the centre of the city actually is.

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