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Why did'n't we keep it?

by Roy Grant 11 September 2009

Ever thought of the things we once had that are now highly valued?
For myself I recall numerous British made motor bikes (one with a gear change on the tank) and motor cars like my boat shaped Austin seven or an all aluminium (Bergerac car) Triumph with its Dicky seat. But there were smaller things too like Hornby train sets, collections of comics, cigarette cards, badges etc.
In the previous item I mentioned my grandmother being in the secondhand furniture trade and I recall that just after WW2 she burnt oil paintings for the gold leaf on the frame, chopped up Victorian button back chairs and while the fire was going, chucking on magic lantern slides, those dual photographs that gave a 3D effect when viewed through a sterioscope (?) and old postcard collections from the turn of the century because nobody ever bought those.

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