2010 Anniversary Tours of Brighton and Hove

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Averil's 2010 Tour of Brighton and Hove

By Jennifer Drury

The 2010 Anniversary Tour of Brighton and Hove is presented each week, for ten weeks. This week's tour is by Councillor Averil Older. Averil has picked her 10 favourite locations in the city. To introduce her tour Averil writes:

I was not born in Brighton or Hove but having lived in this city since the age of three, I certainly feel that I was ‘bred’ here. How lucky I am that my parents decided to move to the seaside. Sometimes we take for granted the seafront, the surrounding countryside, the sporting venues, the amazing mix of shops and the fascinating history and buildings all around us. There is nowhere else like it and nowhere else I would rather live.

You can read all ten pages in Averil's tour here

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