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This is such a grand building, it really gives a better impression to the city than the new 70's council buildings, I vote for this one to come back!

By chris callaways (10/09/2010)

I worked at the Town Hall in the mid sixties. I didn't much like the work but the building, both inside and out, was magnificent. We were once allowed to go 'below stairs' to the old police cells. I went inside one, pulling the door behind me, not realising that the action caused the door to lock. This caused a great deal of mirth among my work colleagues as it took ages to find the key. Work was arranged in a very hierarchical way. As you moved up the system (which I didn't) you got a bigger desk and - at one point - a piece of carpet under your seat and desk. The Town Clerk had his own, capacious office. You almost never saw him, although we worked outside of his office. I can only imagine that he had a 'private' door that accessed this office. His name, I think, was W.O. Dodd.

By Philip Burnard (04/07/2014)

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