Memories of Hollingbury Court School

Hollingbury Court School
James Gray & The Regency Society

I was a pupil at Hollingbury Court School in Brighton between 1948 and 1953, about a decade before the school moved to Warninglid.
I have tried to recall the names of the pupils at that time and they are listed below as far as i can remember.
Adams, Alvey, Angele, Arnold1, Arnold2, Baker1, Baker2, Barber, Brett, Britt, Broke-Smith1, Broke-Smith2, Boorer1, Boorer2, Cataan, Chandler, Chien, Coppard, Corbin, Day, Drew, Dembry, Dutton-Bryant, Earl, Farr1, Farr2, Farr3, Fontana, Hart, Healey1, Healey2, Gazdaar, Guy, Greenspan, Brimms, Goring, Godfrey, Holmes, Houghton, Humphreys, Hunter1, Hunter2, Jennings, Khana1, Khana2, Khana3, Lawson, Latham, Lewis, Love, Lloyd, Lowe, Lyons, Marchant, Macdonald, Martin, Masri1, Masri2, Mckinley, Miller, Nicholson, Nolan, O’Connor, Oliver, Parrish, Parrot, Peek, Phillpot, Prewitt, Reid, Riches, Robertson1, Robertson2, Ramchand, Selwyn, Shanks, Small, Solomon, Steadman, Semour-Jones, Tortoise, Viney, Watson, Wilson1, Wilson2, Ward, Woodard, Wood, Winning, Van Moppes, Nunn.
The teachers were:- Chadwick, Bellamy, Anstruther, Cole, Jenkins, Chapell, Briggs, Robertson, Morgan (Head). Mrs Morgan (Nurse), Miss Page (Annex), Miss Treaby (Annex).
Some of the nicknames given to the teachers were Moggie (Head), his wife Maggie, Roertso, Robbie, his wife Rabbie. and their dog was Bellman.
Some of the list may be out of sequence, but I think it’s not too bad for a 79-year-old, even if I say so myself.

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