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Memories of Hollingbury Court School

Hollingbury Court School
James Gray & The Regency Society

I was a pupil at Hollingbury Court School in Brighton between 1948 and 1953, about a decade before the school moved to Warninglid.
I have tried to recall the names of the pupils at that time and they are listed below as far as i can remember.
Adams, Alvey, Angele, Arnold1, Arnold2, Baker1, Baker2, Barber, Brett, Britt, Broke-Smith1, Broke-Smith2, Boorer1, Boorer2, Cataan, Chandler, Chien, Coppard, Corbin, Day, Drew, Dembry, Dutton-Bryant, Earl, Farr1, Farr2, Farr3, Fontana, Hart, Healey1, Healey2, Gazdaar, Guy, Greenspan, Brimms, Goring, Godfrey, Holmes, Houghton, Humphreys, Hunter1, Hunter2, Jennings, Khana1, Khana2, Khana3, Lawson, Latham, Lewis, Love, Lloyd, Lowe, Lyons, Marchant, Macdonald, Martin, Masri1, Masri2, Mckinley, Miller, Nicholson, Nolan, O’Connor, Oliver, Parrish, Parrot, Peek, Phillpot, Prewitt, Reid, Riches, Robertson1, Robertson2, Ramchand, Selwyn, Shanks, Small, Solomon, Steadman, Semour-Jones, Tortoise, Viney, Watson, Wilson1, Wilson2, Ward, Woodard, Wood, Winning, Van Moppes, Nunn.
The teachers were:- Chadwick, Bellamy, Anstruther, Cole, Jenkins, Chapell, Briggs, Robertson, Morgan (Head). Mrs Morgan (Nurse), Miss Page (Annex), Miss Treaby (Annex).
Some of the nicknames given to the teachers were Moggie (Head), his wife Maggie, Roertso, Robbie, his wife Rabbie. and their dog was Bellman.
Some of the list may be out of sequence, but I think it’s not too bad for a 79-year-old, even if I say so myself.

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  • I was a pupil at Hollingbury Court School in Warninglid, Sussex from 1969-1971. Your list inspired me to try to recall all the boys who I remember being at the school. Apparently it had a capacity enrollment of about 80 students. There are a little more than that on this list but then again I was there for a couple of years and students came and went with some degree of regularity. Hard to imagine that I first enrolled there fifty years ago come next month.
    Students: Agnos (D), Tarrik Allyn, Assad, Bailey, Bailey-Hamilton (1), Bailey-Hamilton (2), Matt Baroudi, Salim Baroudi, Joe Baxter, Abdul Behbehani, Charles Blucke, Bodkin, Nick Brown, David Buitenhuis, Burgess, Campbell, Paul Carroll, David Carroll, Collier, Paul Davies, Dunning HB, Miles Duttfield, Reginald Dyer (1), Dyer (2), Fisel, Foreman, Simon Frank, Franks, Gardner (D), Garten, Patrick Grice HB, David Gunns HB, Guy Harris (1), Harris (2), Harrop, Hopkins (1), Hopkins (2), Howard, Ishmael, Phillipe Joaneau, Berg Jones, Stuart keeping (D), Kilburn (D), Killipsis, Richard Kohler, Gilly Kohler, David Lee, Lowe, Paul Marciandi, Markham Martin, Ian Millais, Joshua Millais, Keith Mockford, Stuart Mockford, Murray, David Ogg (D), Shari Nevessi, Frances North, Richardson (1), Richardson (2), Rodgers, Ryder, Scott-Evans, Scott-Smith, Swanson (D), Ashley Sykes, Titley (1), (2), (3), Twisk, Nigel Uruquart, Justin Uruquart, Rodney Webb (1), Webb (2), Webb (3), Paul Weller (1), Weller (2), Lance Whitehead, Martin Whitehead, Ashley Wood.

    Teachers: Mr. Aries, Mr. Clark (Scripture), Mr. Overall, (English), Col. Fiaro, (French) Mr. Hughes (Science), Mr. Macpherson (History), Mr. Manley-Sales, Mr. Smith (Geography), Mr. Hall, Music, Mr. Ring, Piano. Nurses: Miss Griffith, & Miss Brown. Female teachers: Mrs. Wace, & Mrs. Grove. Headmaster: Mr. Robertson. Assistants: Mrs. Robertson, David Robertson, Mrs. Tanya Robertson. Geoffrey Robertson. & Mrs. Armstrong.

    Dormitories: Marlborough, Wellington, Trenchard, Garick, Lister, Big Churchill, Little Churchill, Nelson, Drake, Osborne.

    And finally the assigned standing lines: Lady Margaret, Downing, & Owens. I was in Downing.

    By Patrick Singleton (28/08/2019)
  • As a pupil at the time mentioned above, 67 – 72, the names flood back as memories of faces and events. I am equally saddened that my name was not remembered. All my memories of this school I recall with fondness, even the canings. I remember particularly Stuart Mockford and Ashley Murray. The rallies of pulling model cars through the woods and the fishing in the lake. Charles Hughes encouraged me to play cricket which I still do to this day. I think I am still a little in love with his daughter, Mary. Those were the days.

    By Andrew Tunnicliffe (28/12/2019)
  • My time at HCS was Autumn ’65 to Spring ’71 re failed Common Entrance first time, then to Bryanston and very little further contact. Strange times I feel. One of my canings was pretty brutal, through pyjamas after big pillow fight, but much kudos for spots of blood and the six stripes merging. All those people named bring them flooding back. David Lee stayed at my house for an exeat and I lost touch with Nick Weller in the mid seventies. I was involved with the choir a lot and I vividly remember Geofferey R freezing poor chap for his solo at the carol service 1970? Paul Marciandi’s younger brother Guy was in my year and the master imprinted on my mind is EG Exel AKA Eggie. He taught History and Latin and on reflection might have had PTSD or something similar. I fear as a class we destroyed him in a lesson when he left the room in tears. We were just being boys, but I’m still a little haunted by it. There were also staff/boy interactions going on that today would be called inappropriate. I sometimes wonder what effect those interactions had in later life. The fishing on the lake was brilliant but no-one caught a carp in my time there. Roach, rudd and perch. The music was wonderful as were the drama and the sports especially cross country and football. Particular ancillary staff of character I recall were Edith (big woman starched matron like uniform) and a kitchen assistant who used to say “make haste boys, make haste” all the time. Of course we turned this into make paste reference the early supper sandwiches. And of course the dish, Miss Wooton (asst. Matron?) Happy days, long legs and short skirts. And we were all under 13!! Tsk tsk. Sports day ran like clockwork with the drill display before and the terror of the annual dance was a bit of a let down after the disrupted daily routine to learn the dances was really quite good fun, unless you had to wear a school scarf to indicate you were playing the part of a girl! I must stop. The memories are rushing back and are probably distorted with time. Greetings to all who remember me if any. It does feel like a long time ago now.

    By Mark Bailey (25/02/2020)
  • I was a pupil at Hollingbury Court school between 1950 and 1952. I might well have known Paul Day, but it is too long ago.

    I have been looking up lots of my past since the lock down. After all apart from taking my dog for a walk (with my partner Sue) there is not much else to do.

    By Kichael Greenspan. (10/05/2020)
  • I made a mistake on the computer. My name is Michael Greenspan. Not beginning with K. Sorry for the mistake. Didn’t have computers in our day!!!!!!

    By Michael Greenspan. (10/05/2020)
  • I was a pupil c52/55. Head prefect, victa ludorum winner (penultimate year(,(fractured arm I final year)… no scholar but made it to HPPC. Recall that no staff had teacher training qualifications but all were professional.
    I remember the Khana family fondly and their kindness to me on visits to stay with them In Hyde Park Corner/Gate? … a far cry from my humble farming background in Abergavenny! Regards all contemporaries.
    Richard Lewis.

    By Richard Lewis (18/02/2021)
  • I was a pupil from 1958 (in Brighton) – 1962 (One year in Warninglid). Generally happy times. Memories of the Masters were Robertson (head not the hardest working), Mrs Robertson (a grafter and ran the school from behind the scenes), Chadwick (Maths), Sabine (History), Lt. Colonel Dixon Smith (Geography), Martin (English).
    My school colleagues from distant memories were the Greens (both went to Oxbridge), 4 brothers called Elliot (all went to Hailybury I think), Knox, Chris MaCadie, Tony Davey, the Weils (who lived round the corner from my parents in Hove, Crawford (went into farming), An Irish international squash player, doctors son who’s name I forget, and myself who failed his Common Entrance to Brighton College but was a bit of a sporting star etc.

    By Mike Hardman (30/03/2021)
  • Hi Patrick
    I have written a short biography of one of your former teachers at Hollingbury Court School. He was your French teacher who you refer to as “Col. Fiaro”, but in fact his name was Richard Augustus Faro. Typo? He taught at Dockenfield Manor School (Farnham) and later at Skippers Hill Manor Preparatory School (Five Ashes, East Sussex) before moving on to Hollingbury. If you recall any details about Faro, or know whether he taught any other subjects there, or remember what he was like, do please contact me, as I am currently upgrading his biography. More information can be found on my website: (Prep School Life 1960s).

    By Peter King Smith (04/08/2021)
  • Amazing memory Paul. I was indeed at Hollingbury Court in the late ’40s and early 50s. As was my cousin Charles Gibbs. It was my first boarding school and I recall learning to swim in the rather chilly swimming pool.
    The occasional names you listed did ring a bell – but not many I’m afraid.
    So well done and thanks for bringing some memories back.

    By Peter Coppard (09/12/2021)
  • How would I contact Mark Bailey?
    Nick Weller.

    By Nick Weller (09/01/2022)
  • I attended ‘75~9 & I’m having trouble allying my memories with what I’m reading here. The education I received was as to be expected from a traditional boarding preparatory school but I did not enjoy my time there to say the least. I’m still dealing with the repercussions to this day.

    By David Brassington (11/01/2023)
  • I was there from 65 to 70. I hated Mr Roberson with a passion due to the amount of savage beatings he administered which I still have nightmares about. He resembled the actor Geoffrey Keen and as a result I hated him too!

    By Francis North (11/06/2023)
  • HCS was situated in lovely grounds and I did enjoy my time there, 1966 to 1969 at Warninglid. The only real downside was Robertson, the headmaster. He was a true sadist and beat boys for minor stuff. I once got caned for lifting a dustbin lid.
    I remember the punishment parades at weekends when boys had to stand arms outstretched holding heavy books. Once I saw him grab a boy by the hair and pull him violently around.
    I believe he was ex Indian Army from colonial Times.
    It’s a shame I have too many of those memories. Reading the submissions above it appears I’m not the only one.

    By Chris Schurr (10/08/2023)
  • I was a boarding pupil at Hollingbury Court in 1956-57 on Ditchling Rd. I remember Mr. Peacock, Mrs. Thorpe(French), Mr. Robertson and fellow pupils Roger Elliot and Simon (?) Weill, and O’Connor (family in Bermuda)…and of course Matron Mrs. Cell….oh and Ancient Annetts who taught Latin.

    By Keith Freeman (04/10/2023)

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