Memories of Hollingbury Court School

Hollingbury Court School
James Gray & The Regency Society

I was a pupil at Hollingbury Court School in Brighton between 1948 and 1953, about a decade before the school moved to Warninglid.
I have tried to recall the names of the pupils at that time and they are listed below as far as i can remember.
Adams, Alvey, Angele, Arnold1, Arnold2, Baker1, Baker2, Barber, Brett, Britt, Broke-Smith1, Broke-Smith2, Boorer1, Boorer2, Cataan, Chandler, Chien, Coppard, Corbin, Day, Drew, Dembry, Dutton-Bryant, Earl, Farr1, Farr2, Farr3, Fontana, Hart, Healey1, Healey2, Gazdaar, Guy, Greenspan, Brimms, Goring, Godfrey, Holmes, Houghton, Humphreys, Hunter1, Hunter2, Jennings, Khana1, Khana2, Khana3, Lawson, Latham, Lewis, Love, Lloyd, Lowe, Lyons, Marchant, Macdonald, Martin, Masri1, Masri2, Mckinley, Miller, Nicholson, Nolan, O’Connor, Oliver, Parrish, Parrot, Peek, Phillpot, Prewitt, Reid, Riches, Robertson1, Robertson2, Ramchand, Selwyn, Shanks, Small, Solomon, Steadman, Semour-Jones, Tortoise, Viney, Watson, Wilson1, Wilson2, Ward, Woodard, Wood, Winning, Van Moppes, Nunn.
The teachers were:- Chadwick, Bellamy, Anstruther, Cole, Jenkins, Chapell, Briggs, Robertson, Morgan (Head). Mrs Morgan (Nurse), Miss Page (Annex), Miss Treaby (Annex).
Some of the nicknames given to the teachers were Moggie (Head), his wife Maggie, Roertso, Robbie, his wife Rabbie. and their dog was Bellman.
Some of the list may be out of sequence, but I think it’s not too bad for a 79-year-old, even if I say so myself.

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  • I was a pupil at Hollingbury Court School in Warninglid, Sussex from 1969-1971. Your list inspired me to try to recall all the boys who I remember being at the school. Apparently it had a capacity enrollment of about 80 students. There are a little more than that on this list but then again I was there for a couple of years and students came and went with some degree of regularity. Hard to imagine that I first enrolled there fifty years ago come next month.
    Students: Agnos (D), Tarrik Allyn, Assad, Bailey, Bailey-Hamilton (1), Bailey-Hamilton (2), Matt Baroudi, Salim Baroudi, Joe Baxter, Abdul Behbehani, Charles Blucke, Bodkin, Nick Brown, David Buitenhuis, Burgess, Campbell, Paul Carroll, David Carroll, Collier, Paul Davies, Dunning HB, Miles Duttfield, Reginald Dyer (1), Dyer (2), Fisel, Foreman, Simon Frank, Franks, Gardner (D), Garten, Patrick Grice HB, David Gunns HB, Guy Harris (1), Harris (2), Harrop, Hopkins (1), Hopkins (2), Howard, Ishmael, Phillipe Joaneau, Berg Jones, Stuart keeping (D), Kilburn (D), Killipsis, Richard Kohler, Gilly Kohler, David Lee, Lowe, Paul Marciandi, Markham Martin, Ian Millais, Joshua Millais, Keith Mockford, Stuart Mockford, Murray, David Ogg (D), Shari Nevessi, Frances North, Richardson (1), Richardson (2), Rodgers, Ryder, Scott-Evans, Scott-Smith, Swanson (D), Ashley Sykes, Titley (1), (2), (3), Twisk, Nigel Uruquart, Justin Uruquart, Rodney Webb (1), Webb (2), Webb (3), Paul Weller (1), Weller (2), Lance Whitehead, Martin Whitehead, Ashley Wood.

    Teachers: Mr. Aries, Mr. Clark (Scripture), Mr. Overall, (English), Col. Fiaro, (French) Mr. Hughes (Science), Mr. Macpherson (History), Mr. Manley-Sales, Mr. Smith (Geography), Mr. Hall, Music, Mr. Ring, Piano. Nurses: Miss Griffith, & Miss Brown. Female teachers: Mrs. Wace, & Mrs. Grove. Headmaster: Mr. Robertson. Assistants: Mrs. Robertson, David Robertson, Mrs. Tanya Robertson. Geoffrey Robertson. & Mrs. Armstrong.

    Dormitories: Marlborough, Wellington, Trenchard, Garick, Lister, Big Churchill, Little Churchill, Nelson, Drake, Osborne.

    And finally the assigned standing lines: Lady Margaret, Downing, & Owens. I was in Downing.

    By Patrick Singleton (28/08/2019)

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