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Johnny D and the Initials 1962

A request for photographs

Following a request for photos of the very popular group Johnny D and the Initials, from the daughter of the singer, I have scanned some publicity photos I took on or about 1963.

Sadly as I gave most of the photos to the boys in the band, I have only a few left, after fifty years or so things go missing, and unfortunately Johnny D (Grover) was only in a couple of them.


Larking About
Photo by Rodger Olive
Outside the Florida Rooms Possibly During the Gene Bennet Era
Photo by Rodger Olive
Rick Gadd
Photo by Rodger Olive
Photo by Rodger Olive
On stage at the Florida Rooms
Photo by Rodger Olive

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  • Great to see these photos but am a bit confused as John Grover (the singer) hasn’t got a daughter.

    By David Phillips (25/09/2016)
  • What a great photo by the bus stop. I have waited many times for the 26, which then became the 26B, but never remember any such excitement as in this photo!

    By Sandra Bohtlingk (28/09/2016)
  • Elsewhere on this website, John Grover himself stated that he had a wife, two sons, and two grandsons.  There was no mention of a daughter. Perhaps it was a daughter-in-law who requested photos, Rodger?

    By Alan Hobden (29/09/2016)
  • Alan you could be right, but it was so long ago I can’t remember. Anyway the photos needed sharing as they have been languishing in an album since I took them in about 1962/3. Great days, a brilliant band and friends. Seems like only yesterday.

    By Rodger Olive (29/09/2016)
  • Hi Rodger Olive. It is with regret that I have to inform you of the passing of John Grover on 16th April 2018 after a long illness and to seek your permission to use the photo “Larking About” at the reception after his Cremation. Many thanks in advance.

    By David Phillips (02/05/2018)
  • Sad to hear the news. Please use any of the photos. There are others on the site. They were good times.

    By Rodger Olive (03/05/2018)
  • Many thanks Rodger.

    By David Phillips (05/05/2018)
  • The request for photos was from my sister Kathryn. We are the children of Peter Grover, brother of John.

    By Duncan Grover (07/11/2019)

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