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Sunday School Jubilee 1945

Thought someone might remember the Sunday School Jubilee 1895-1945. My name was Jennifer Norrell. I am in the coat first row left hand side in the juniors. I think I was getting over the mumps. My brother Michael fifth row 3rd from left just looking over the head in front. My sister Sandra in the Primary group 3rd row end left.  Have very happy memories of this time and the lovely outings we went on.

From the private collection of Jennifer Goddard
From the private collection of Jennifer Goddard

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  • Two of the signatures bring back memories. H Hallett, was that “Skipper” Hallett, for many years Captain of the 14th Brighton BB Coy? That name Peckham also has BB connections. I was with that BB Company from 1953 until I went into the RAF in 1958.

    By Raymond (Dickie) Bird (11/02/2008)
  • I too was associated with the Lifeboys and Boys Brigade at Florence Road from 1961 to about 1972. The Halletts and Lowthers were still there in my years and I also remember Ray (Dickie) Bird. Happy days.

    By Dave White (15/02/2008)
  • In the late 1940s My brother Michael Norrell was in the Boys Brigade at Florence Road Baptist Church. There was the Girls Life Brigade also. I Can remember the fascination I had when attending the Baptisms in the Church. The ‘dunking’ small pool had white tiles and the Minister wore waders. I went to church in the morning, Sunday School in the afternoon and back again for the Evening Service. I had a suspicion my parents wanted some time to themselves.

    By Jennifer Goddard (Norrell) (26/02/2008)
  • I to spent hours looking up at the rafters of the FlorenceRoadChurch, and marching with the Boys Brigade, 1940 through 1959. I used to really enjoy the BB Summer Camps. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Dave

    By David Broadbridge (10/04/2008)
  • I remember my time with the BB in the early 70s, playing the bugle on Sunday morning band marches. I live in Palm Springs, California now, but I grew up on Roedale Road. Mr Church, the coal man, would lend himself and his lorry every summer to transport the camping gear to the field near Steyning and Upper Beeding. Hiking to Chanctonbury Ring and swimming in the pool of a big house near Northend are some of my fondest memories.

    By Karl Siffleet (30/04/2009)
  • The signatures are those of Sunday School teachers and Minister.  K (Kath) Harling married Len Porcher; Gwen Dyke married Derek Hall; Josie Reeves was Life Boy Leader; Molly Lowther was in the choir and Church Secretary for a short time; B (Ben) Shildrick was the Minister. As far as I can see the ‘Hallett’ is Adelaide who was the wife of Harold (Skipper) Hallett. O G (Olive) Lowther was Beginners Sunday School Leader for many years. The last I heard about J (John) Ramsbottom was that he moved West Country way.  D (Dorrie) Peckham was also a good organist. The last signature appears to be J (Joan) Bristow who became ‘Rev’. I have some 360+ photographs from the stone laying in 1894 to the present day covering most activities/organisations and would be happy to provide anyone interested with a copy. Being over 800mb it would be on a DVD suitable for computer. I would just appreciate a contribution to postage and the disk: contact:

    By Alan Mackenzie (21/07/09) (21/07/2009)
  • My mother was a member of Florence Road Baptist as a girl from approx. 1920 until 1935, when she married my father and went with him to The Salvation Army at The Level. Her name was Hilda Crowhurst, she had a younger sister Eileen and brother Lennard.

    By Olive Sant (Knight) (28/07/2018)

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