The original Hove Town Hall

Photo of Brunswick Town Hall | From a private collection
Photo of Brunswick Town Hall
From a private collection

The original Hove Town Hall, known as the Brunswick Town Hall, was in Brunswick Street West.

It was built in 1855-6 by the Brunswick Square Commissioners at a cost of £3,000. In 1873, the governing body became the Hove Commissioners and the hall was renamed Hove Town Hall. The building can still be found at 64 Brunswick Street West near the corner of Western Road.

Next door, the Station Inn stands on the site of the original Hove police station with beer barrels occupying the original cells.

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  • I regret that I think that the assertion that the Station Inn was once the police station is one of those urban historical myths that just runs and runs. Many years ago I was given access to the deeds then held by Tamplins in Brighton, and nothing tied that building in with the police in Hove. The minutes of B S & T Commissioners, and Hove Commissioners clearly show that the policing function was built into the Commissioner’s Rooms from the outset. Sorry!

    By Derek Oakensen (24/12/2004)
  • The pub located next to the old town hall is called ‘The Bow Street Runner’ and not the Station Inn.

    By James Parkhurst (13/06/2005)
  • I think the confusion may come from the police having links to Brighton Town Hall.

    By Lex Angel (04/10/2005)
  • The pub’s name was changed from the Station Inn to the Bow Street Runner because of too many telephone train enquiries. Source = the landlord!

    By Tom Chavasse (16/03/2006)
  • Have heard that the Bow Street Runner is haunted, is this true?

    By Lauren (26/02/2007)
  • My great, great grandfather ran The Station Inn. In the 1901 census he was the publican. Has anyone got any photos of the pub around 1901?

    By Peter (05/08/2008)

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