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“Who established the Adelaide Hotel in Brighton and what year was it established? Did any Bedfords own the hotel in the 1900s? I would like the same questions answered for the Bedford Sands Hotel. Many thanks.”

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  • For my GCSE History Coursework I have to compare and contrast my home town of Sidmouth and Brighton before, during and after the Regency period. It would be really helpful to me and some of my class if we could have some specific dates to when, why, how these hotels were all built. Thank you.

    By Kathrynn Underwood (15/06/2004)
  • In answer to ‘who established the Adelaide Hotel?’, it was my brother, Mr Neville Clipsham, around 1978. He converted a derelict building. It was called Adelaide after our grandmother (also alphabetically it takes some beating!). It was one of Brighton’s first ‘Baby Grands’. It may have been a hotel before, in its long ago past.

    By Catherine Beard (25/08/2004)

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