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Boating lake

West Pier steps and boating lake, 1967. Note the crane building Sussex Heights in the background. The Punch and Judy Man would perform on the right at the foot of these steps at weekends.
Photo by Peter Allison

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  • Why did the council fill in the old boating pool? it could have been used today,  also the old paddaling pool which is now a skateboardarea. What is going on?

    By Wayne Wareham (18/09/2007)
  • Thats the council for you.

    By Bridget (06/04/2008)
  • I expect it was filled in to meet health and safety. Such a pity really, I loved to have a ride on those little boats and then watch the Punch and Judy by the steps.

    By Dennis Fielder (18/06/2008)
  • My Dad used to work on the boating lake, around the early 60s. He was very recognisable as he was 6’04” and always wore a captain’s hat. His name was Roy Scott, I was named after him. He was known for his good looks and tan. He used to fish on the West Pier every other day.

    By Roy Scott jnr (18/09/2008)

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