A potted history 1977-1988

Brighton has been home to American Express for more than 25 years. Its European Operating Centre, Amex House in Edward Street, opened in 1977. But Amex first came to Brighton in 1967 when it moved into 154 Edward Street, paying a rent of 15s (75p) a square foot.

Building Amex House
Amex House began with a hole more that 50 feet deep. 100,000 tons of chalk had to be excavated to create it, and some 2,000 tons of steel were used to reinforce the eight-storey structure. 45,000 tons of concrete were set and the whole process took three years.

The ‘wedding cake’
Known as the ‘wedding cake‘, because of its white multi-tiered form, Amex House was crowned with a satellite dish in 1988; just one of the communications routes used by the company which has one of the largest and most complex private telecommunications networks in the world.

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  • Now it’s just an eyesore!

    By Mark Tittle (10/11/2008)
  • That’s quite old that post but anyway an end of an era. I’m sure people had some real good times in there  and some not so good. I knew they were going to pull it down and was lucky to have been in the area yesterday (6/3/17) and and took some fantastic photos with my Nikon camera -a great photo opportunity so if any body is interested get your self along to Edward/John street today and get some shots. A smart phone is just as good. Kind regards

    By Mark (07/03/2017)

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