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Barefoot fun in Wild Park

Wild Park
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Playing in Wild Park

When I think of all the hours we would play over at the Wild Park, it is so removed from how the kids spend their time these days. I remember crazy things like trying to emulate a character from a comic, I think it might have been The Hotspur? The character was called Wilson, who was an athlete who ran everywhere in his bare feet. A few of us copied him – taking off our shoes and socks, we would race around the grass banks at the rear of the park and lift rocks to try and become like him.

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The perils of bows and arrows

Then there was a time all the kids in the street bought bows and arrows (real ones). It wouldn’t be allowed today of course, but we’d fire them all over the place. On one occasion someone got an arrow in his foot. Ouch!. Do you remember the Danish Bacon factory? On one occasion, walking home from school, we nicked some eggs that were lying around by the bins. We took delight in throwing them at the viaduct walls. Sadly, mine had a crack in it and opened up as it left my hands. I was covered in foul-smelling egg yoke. I stunk to high heaven. Happy days.

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  • Does anybody remember the names we gave the different places in the park?.The twin oaks, The admirals hat.The rabbit wood.The three firs.This was wartime.

    By John Woollard (20/07/2020)

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