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Memories of the 1950s

I first attended this school at the age of 4 in 1955. The head mistress was a Mrs Carpenter and my first teacher was a Miss Floyd.

My first and lasting memories are of the state of the toilets which were across the yard, and of the dinners in the main hall. I also remember Mrs Cambell’s dance classes, and of course the visits of the ‘nit nurse’.

I am 3rd row down 4th from the right with the dark pullover. Some names that come to mind are, Billy Lofts, Susan Gander, Micheal Allen, Jennifer Casburn, Terry Goddard, and Jane Panel. Teachers Mr Crouch, Miss Viken, and Geoff Stevens.

Has anyone out there any memories or other photos?

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Aldrington C of E school, c1959.
From the private collection of Ken Barrington

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  • G’Day from Downunder. A small tangent here, sorry. But I also first attended school at the age of 4 in 1955. My first and lasting memories are also the state of the toilets and of the dinners in the main hall. LOL Peacehaven Infants for me though.

    By Michael Player (12/12/2009)
  • Saw this photo by complete chance, I still have it somewhere – I seem to remember writing everyone’s name on the back! I’m in the third row down too, seventh from the left. Have fond memories of a school trip to see Nelson’s ship Victory at Portsmouth and also going by bus to see a ballet in Brighton with a group of girls. I went on to study Graphic Design at Brighton College of Art, worked in London for many years and am now retired and living in Kent.

    By Rosalind Merriman (now Davidson) (15/02/2010)
  • Hi Rosalind! Ken here, nice to here from someone else from the old school, you are standing next to my cousin 6th from the left - a Michael Lockheart. The place where the photo was taken has now been built on and that area is in someone’s back garden. I now live in the Nottingham area, I should be very interested to add as many names as possible to the picture.

    By Ken Barrington (16/02/2010)
  • Hello Ken, came across this while browsing. Hope you are keeping well. I am still here in Lewes. I have ‘pinched’ your photo and put it on my Friends Reunited page where I have tagged as many names as I can. It was the year before I arrived from Torquay, so am not in the photo. Kind regards. Geoff ps. Made any good Soapboxes lately?

    By Geoff Stevens (11/05/2010)
  • Hi Geoff! Send me your email address and we can swap stories of old times etc, mine is Ken.

    By Ken Barrington (29/05/2010)
  • Just looking at this site and I have just seen myself on the bottom front row, just inbetween the girls. And my older brother, Steve Williams, is about three rows up on the right. I can still remember Miss Floyd, she taught me to read in my first year – what a brilliant teacher she was. If you got 5 squirrels you got sixpence. First little book ‘Greyfriars Bobby’ – I cried at the ending. Also the little bottles of milk on the stove in the winter. Also Miss Ficken – I can remember her bike with a panel over the back wheel so she wouldn’t catch here dress in it. I can still remember her telling the story of Icarus who flew too close to the sun – good teacher.  Mrs Campbell  used to teach us German, I can still remember to count up to 100 in German. Then Mr Bamber at the top end of the school.
    The Beatles were just making it big with their early hits and Mrs Campbell and some of the teachers dressed up as John, Paul, George and Ringo at the Xmas party in the church hall in Payne Avenue. My best mate at that age was Colin Face and Nevil Tingly and Tug. I used to go to tea at Simon Schnieder’s house – I can still remember the jam sandwiches. He is on the TV now – ‘Dickinson’s Real Deal’. First crush Claire Kernot. Those were the days!

    By Trevor Williams (31/10/2013)

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