British Bulldog and 'Kiss and Chase'

St Andrew's School, George Street
Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

From 1964 to 1970

I went to St Andrew’s School when it was in George Street from 1964 to 1970. My friends were Kirsten Schlesinger, Ashley Cox and Jean Arnold. I loved my school days, especially the entertainments and plays we put on; the games we played of Batman and Robin – I was always Cat Girl. I remember that a boy called Joe arrived from the USA to join our class; he was fun and taught us all new games. I remember playing ‘beads’ with the girls, but also British Bulldog, and of course how could I forget kiss and chase.

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Milk in a wigwam

We kept pet guinea pigs in our classrooms and got to take them home on weekends. The best times were at Christmas, when every class had a special Christmas party. I remember too that there were special trips and special activities. In my final year we went on a day trip to France to Bolougne. The most bizarre thing I remember was student teachers helping us to make a class wigwam during a project on American Indians. If you did good work you were allowed to drink your daily milk sitting with a friend inside the wigwam. Funny the things you remember.


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  • My name is Alan Smith and I remember being a pupil there and I actually started the first football team, and I was also the lead in the choir. I remember Kirsten, Ashley and John.

    By Alan Smith (03/06/2016)
  • P.S Also remember you Bonnie you had very blonde hair if I recollect, and also Gail who was a bit of a tomboy.

    By Alan Smith (23/06/2016)
  • Hi Alan, I’m still in touch with Jean Arnold who was also in our class and has stayed local. I live in Guildford now. I met up with Kirsten when we were 50 she was living in Putney. 

    It was a lovely school and I have retained many detailed memories of my time there. 


    By Bonita Holland (17/01/2017)
  • Hi, I was in your class too (Janet Buten).  My mum was the school secretary for several years until she had my younger brother.  I still live in Hove.


    By Janet Cottingham (18/01/2017)
  • Hi Janet, sorry cant remember you (old age lol) but remember our music teacher who came from Canada if I recollect. I live in Southwick, near Shoreham.


    By Alan Smith (17/04/2017)
  • Ah, Janet Buten, I remember you (slim with brown short hair) – also Pauline (McGonegal?), James Mitchell, Jackie Yates, April Easton, Vanda Glennard, Gordon Dinnage, Jonathan (Tullet?), Sandra Waldron, Tommy Roberts, Alan’s best friend Jimmy Pryor, Denise, Karen Tobin, Deborah (Hill?) – who invited all the class to her parties. Joe Belshire (from America) and Kim O’Dell, who I think was his cousin. I believe it was Joe’s father that got us the weather balloon  - which Mr Jones got inflated and we let go from the school playground. I think it got to Sweden, but I’m not sure. Perhaps someone else can recollect how far it went. I think we had a Belinda in the class as well as a Lynn, also Amanda Bennett – quite tall and very pretty and Sarah, a pretty blonde girl, one of three sisters – her elder sister was called Louise. Was there an Alan Young as well as Alan Smith? That’s a few off the top of my head. Very fond memories of St Andrews. Standing and stomping on the wooden benches in the playground singing ‘bits and pieces’ at the tops of our voices. Getting the bus to the playing field each week for games – changing on the top deck on the way there – how weird was that? Falling over in the tarmac playground and getting grit in your knee and having iodine put on it by a teacher, which turned the skin yellow. The boys running their hands under cold water before getting the cane to numb them – how horrible! I liked Mr Jones but the cane was barbaric – and the worst memory is having to watch a boy being caned in front of the whole school. If my memory serves me correctly it was for something he’d done outside of school – and then it turned out he’d actually saved a boy from drowning. Children weren’t really listened to then. So as in each era – good and bad things. Funny what springs to mind and what eludes you. I have no recollection of a wig-wam – maybe that was in Year Two of the juniors when we had a lot of supply teachers due to Mr Newsome getting ill. I did wonder if Mrs Phaff, our teacher in the final year, was a First Nation Canadian, but that is a wild guess. I do remember she and her husband went to a garden party at Buckingham Palace. We were so lucky to have her in our final year. 

    By Veronica (07/02/2018)
  • Just one more thing – when I started the school in the infants, I had a ‘boyfriend’. A lovely boy in my sister Nicola’s class – James Jenkins. He was extremely kind to me – he would swing me around at playtime. I also remember at Easter a gift of a china chick and when I was off school ill – a Winnie the Pooh book. I was just 5 and he was about 10 or 11. It was all very sweet and innocent and I would love to to thank him for his kindness. He didn’t know that at this time family life was a bit tough so his thoughtfulness was particularly appreciated.

    By Veronica (07/02/2018)
  • Thank you so much for all these additional memories and particularly the list of names which was wonderful to read. You’ll be interested to know that I moved back to Hove 12 weeks ago and am reconnecting with old school mates (a few of us have met up over the years). I had a yearning to come ‘home’ to retire and it feels wonderful to be back. Jean Arnold and I are in regular contact via FB. 

    By Bonny Holland (18/02/2018)
  • Hi Bonny
    If you do get together could you let me know please

    By Alan Smith (21/02/2019)
  • I went to this school between 1971-1973 in George Street near Pricerites and opposite Stuart Norris. It was a full road in those days. Classmates were James Gazzard, Susan Drury, Madeleine Harris, Mark Whitney. School teachers were Mrs Mitchell, Miss Golding, Miss Bacon and Miss Newbury. Mr Jones was the headmaster. I remember being dragged into country dancing by Mrs. Mitchell even though I had health problems. She was a tough teacher. Her son Andrew went there now he runs the Hove Bridge Club.

    By David (07/10/2019)
  • I was there from 1968 to 1973 and went on to Hove County. My sisters, Anne and Lyn were there before me and my brothers Huw and Mark after me. Mr Jones was an icon. At the time he seemed so old and senior but now I reckon he must have been quite young. The deputy head was Mr Chambers but his real surname was Jones. They changed his surname to avoid confusing us kids. Mr C was a passionate cyclist who rode to work every day. Sadly, he died very young from a heart attack. Mrs Mitchell was scary and yes, I remember country dancing. Mrs Newbury was my first teacher. I think I was there the same time as Mrs Mitchell’s son! Fond memories, mostly!!!!!!

    By Stephen Rostron (28/10/2019)

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