A surreal shop window

Shop window, 101a Gloucester Road
Photo by David Sawyer

Surrealism wanted to shock people and did so by mixing together objects from different contexts. In the North Laine that’s a common place. Think Surrealism, think Magritte and this photograph explains itself.

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  • I don’t understand how this is the view from 101a Gloucester Road…. What is the shop opposite?

    By Joni Donoghue (14/08/2008)
  • I think you’ll find Joni that the shop opposite is “The Emporium”. I used to visit both shops though I preferred 101a, in fact I still have a lot of the clothes I bought there to this day. “The Emporium” had a large collection of leather clothes and I was more of a young fogey. I also used to go to Mr Rosen’s but I had a falling out with him, his parents were nice though and they really knew how to sell clothes. I ended up getting a blue zoot suit once worn by Dennis Quiley in a theatrical production called “Tyger” thanks to Mr Rosen Snr. To this day I haven’t a clue why or how I got talked into buying it (it’s several sizes too big for me) but I can’t part with it. I’d often get clothes a bit further down at “Ivy’s” too.

    By Brian Combe (23/10/2008)
  • When was this photo taken?

    By Loretta Elder (23/11/2010)
  • Hello, I worked at ‘Ivy’s ‘ in 1993 with her son Mick who at the time owned the shop and the one next door. I loved it, the customers, the clothes and atmosphere of the area. I live in Australia and places like that shop are very rare.

    By Sally Tregellis Nee Kershaw (19/10/2011)

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