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Photographed c1955

This is a photographic print of Cambridge Street, Brighton. It is a view of the terraced houses on the west side of the street, looking north. Four boys can be standing in front of the doorway of a house in the centre of the photograph. An area of wasteland can be seen on the opposite side of the street.

This photograph was commissioned by the Environmental Health department of Brighton Borough Council. It formed part of a visual record of areas considered for slum clearance. Cambridge Street was acquired by the Council as part of the Albion Hill Compulsory Purchase Order of 1955. The street was demolished in about 1959. Brighton’s first tower block flats were erected on this site in 1961.

Cambridge Street
Reproduced courtesy of Royal Pavilion, Libraries & Museums, Brighton & Hove

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  • My Grandparents lived at 35 Cambridge Street with their family until the War, when they were re-housed in Whitehawk. I remember visiting them when I was a child. Their name was Howard. Does anyone remember them? I would like to know.

    By Rita Ludlam (23/11/2006)
  • 46 Cambridge Street: The first time I was aware of my family living at 46 Cambridge Street was on the 1881 census. They were the Bushbys (my great great grandparents) followed by the Robinsons (my great grandparents) then my grandmother and father – the Glovers. My great grandmother was still living there in 1935 and remarried to Fred Sutton. Sometime in the late 1950’s we travelled down from the North East for a few days and my father took me to see the house were he was born only to find it being demolished that very day – the only time I ever saw him cry.

    By Judi Swinsco (15/11/2007)
  • My Gran lived in number 47 when Fred Sutton lived at 46, she then moved into 45 where I was born. Soon after we all moved back to no 47. My Gran was Charlotte Hill and we are the Wells’s.

    By Geoff Wells (17/05/2009)
  • Whilst tracing my family history, I have found out that my Grandfather (Henry Bishop Peircey) resided at 45 Cambridge Street with his wife (Alice) and children (Edith, Lily, Harry and Clara) as per the 1911 Census. Any further information with regards to this family – please send me an email.

    By Keith Robins (17/01/2010)
  • Hi Geoff, My great grand-father John Ernest Charles Vaughan lived at number 41 and then moved to number 28 in 1918. My grandmother is Nellie Wells; any relation?

    By Jenene Craven (30/01/2010)
  • Researching a brother of my great-great-great-grandfather I found that he, Robert Saxby, was a butcher who lived in Cambridge Street with his wife and children in 1841 (census) and I was pleased to find this photo of the street, although taken so many years later.

    By Dorothy Loudon (17/03/2010)
  • Us Fulkers lived at 42 Cambridge Street and my nan, Alice Pocock lived at 44.

    By Alice Fulker (Flip) (28/05/2010)
  • In 1893 my great, great grandfather Frederick Martain Pettett, a milkman, lived at number 16 Cambridge Street, having moved from nearby Liverpool Street (No 11). Frederick married Annie Saunders. The Pettit family moved to Hove in 1898, then returned to this St Peters area of Brighton in 1929. Notice how the Pettit surname is spelt differently over the years. It has been great to find photos of these demolished streets, Thank you to all involved.

    By Rachelle Howard (nee Pettit) (12/07/2010)
  • I lived at 42 Cambridge Street. My grandparents lived at 44, they were Alice and Bill Pocock. My mother moved in with them, her name was Alice Fulker,and my father Bunting. I’m now 73, I left brighton at 19 and I’ve lived in Swindon for 49 years. We left Southall in 1962. I can rememeber Cambridge Street so well, and the people who lived there during the war years when I was a child. Seeing the photo of Cambridge Street made me very sad and happy at the same time. It was a good street, no-one shut doors, open all day, and my mum sitting with Mrs Trussler on the window ledges, making tea for soldiers that protected our street. If any one remembers me, do get in touch.

    By barbara luscombe nee fulker (22/02/2011)
  • Jenene, sorry not related, my ol Dad came down from Hackney. My mum was born in Claremont Row in 1916 and Barbara I do remember you and all your family as I do everyone in the street, what was left of it after a stick of three went up it courtesy of the Luftwaffe. As regards getting in touch ring your Maureen or email

    By Geoff Wells (15/11/2011)
  • The house I lived in being 47 is shown with 3 boys standing there! Geoff Wells

    By Geoff Wells (30/12/2011)
  • Does anyone know anything about Eliza Hillman and a man called William Shepherd. Both residing at 18, Cambridge Street? They were there in 1901 census.  In 1904, my grandmother, Dorothy Hillman was born (father unknown). If anyone knows anything, I would be very greatful. It’s the missing link in my family tree. We think Eliza was born in 1882, we don’t know where she went after 1904, only that Dorothy was fostered out. We would love to find a picture of Eliza, and anything about the father of Dorothy, whoever he might have been. It’s a hard one, I know, but someone may have some info from building their family trees. Thanks. Sharon

    By sharon witney (22/04/2012)
  • My 2 x great grandfather George Vicary was living in Cambridge Street in 1841 next door to Henry and Harriet Mantle, both were flymen.

    By Ian S Vicary (25/01/2013)
  • My grandparents  Ellen and Albert Boniface lived at 48 Cambridge Street, in 1899.   Albert’s father was called Henry and they were both flymen -  I think flyies were a kind of horse carriage for hire and were used much like we would use taxis today.  Ellen’s father Frederick Smith, was also a flyman.

    By Celia Sharer (24/11/2013)
  • Celia – do you know who they worked for, was it a William Self who had stables in Ivy Place (now a supermarket I believe)?

    By Ian Vicary (17/01/2014)
  • Ivy Place is a twitten on the east side of Waterloo Street just across the old B&H border in Hove. Until a few years ago there were stables there [now town houses]. It is not a supermarket.

    By Geoffrey Mead (13/08/2015)
  • I have just found out that my great grandparents lived at 28, Cambridge Street back in 1921 – William James Griffiths and Edith Ellen Griffiths – anyone know anymore? They had a son Robert in 1918 and 3 years later my granddad Sydney Ivor was born. Researching my family tree.

    By Ria Griffiths (10/07/2016)

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