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A new house in 1932

Craignair Avenue
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Watching the house-building

Our family moved to 23 Craignair Avenue, Patcham, around 1932. We used to visit the site of our new home every week while it was being built. I remember walking around the footings, our dog getting into a vat of lye used for laying bricks and going crazy. There was an old school on the old London Road where I went for a year or two then we were moved to Patcham Place where Mr. Wills was our teacher.

A new school in 1936

There were secret rooms and passages in Patcham Place, and we were not allowed to run for fear the ceilings would fall down. There was a huge beech tree we used to climb on in the park, and trains ran through a tunnel under the woods. Around 1936, the new school was opened which backed onto Winfield Avenue with playing fields there.

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Varndean School for Girls

By this time war broke out and I was going to Varndean School for Girls. Miss Warmington was Headmisstress, Miss Everdon taught Music, Miss Nevil, Math, Miss Slark, Science, Miss Phare, French, and Miss Nicholson, English. When the school was evacuated to Yorkshire those of us who were left had to take some lessons at the boys’ school.

Emigrated to Canada

Around 1940 the SS Brighton Swimming Pool was converted to an Ice Rink and I learned to skate and watched the hockey games. Later I was to do some pair skating with a Canadian dispatch rider who became my husband, just after the end of the war. My parents Win and Phil Bannister taught ballroom dancing in a hall in Patcham after I came to Canada. I think it must have been at the Ladies Mile Pub across from the Patcham Clock Tower.


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  • I have lived in Patcham all my life, and bought 23 Craignair Avenue in 1986 so this is very interesting to me!

    By Matt (14/09/2014)

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