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Memories of Tarner Land

The Creche, photographed in 1978
Photo by C. West

Days before ‘health and safety’

I lived in Finsbury Road until the middle sixties, the other side of Albion Hill, and spent many happy hours with my twin brother playing in the crèche. We also played on the old vehicle put there for kids, and the Jungle Jim apparatus. I do not recall anyone getting hurt on these things. In those days before health and safety, maybe we were just tougher.

My first girl friend

I had a paper round delivering to Tilbury Way, (where I dated my first girl friend Jackie) Albion Hill, Dinapore Street, Liverpool Street etc from Croydon’s paper shop in Richmond Buildings. I was a bit too young to remember the pubs in the area. but do remember downing a few in the Millers Arms. I remember my father telling me that it was near, or on the site, of the old windmill.

Memories from bygone days

I do have recollections of being a minor at the ABC Astoria cinema across the Victoria Gardens and having to sing the minors theme song before they would start the films. All this for sixpence old money, those were the days. Reading the posts here, brings back memories that have been lost in this old head, and a little nostalgia from those bygone days. Maybe I should visit the area again, but after so many years I fear time has altered and changed it so much that it is better to stay in my memory.

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