Festival of Britain 1951

We, the Greenow family, lived at 107, Maresfield Road. I was 6 years old at this time, and it was my first street party.

I remember that I was very excited by it all.  The word ‘Randy’ on my chest only meant that I was supposed to Randolph Turpin the boxer who had just won the World Middleweight Championship in July that year from Sugar Ray Robinson.  He was the first British boxer to win this title.  Unfortunately he lost the title in September in a rematch with Sugar Ray.

Do you remember this street party? Maybe you recognise someone in the photos? If you can share any memories please leave a comment below


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  • Lovely photos Douglas. I was wondering about Tommy Mitchell as my husband has Mitchell family from over that way and wondered if you knew anything more.

    By Carol Homewood (07/08/2010)
  • My mother’s family (Standen) lived at 117. My aunt Maureen is in the second picture. I wouldn’t have known if you had not identified her. As I was born the year these pictures were taken, I don’t remember the occasion. I do recognise the grass banks and walls though. Where was the first picture taken? Was it at the junction with Manor Hill or at the bottom end by Cowfold Rd? I will try to find out if any more relatives are in them.

    By David Gillam (08/08/2010)
  • Further to my earlier comment (Maureen Standen), I think her Mum & Dad (my grandparents), are stood behind him with the cigarette in one hand and the other hand in his pocket – she to his left.

    By David Gillam (08/08/2010)
  • Tommy Mitchell along with younger brother Donald and sister Marie lived next door at 105.

    By Douglas Greenow (21/08/2010)
  • I have just looked at the photo of Maresfield Road. I do believe that you are related to me as Maureen is my cousin, her mother was my dad’s sister. It would be nice to get in touch with you. I heard from older sister she has moved back to brighton now. I haven’t seen her for years but my sister’s keeping in touch. I remember I think the Colwell family lived next door to them. If you would like to get in touch, my email address is kathleencatt@yahoo.co.uk

    By Kathleen Catt (04/02/2011)
  • My Mum met my Dad at the FOB in Brighton . She sold him an ice cream.

    By Jane (17/04/2012)

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