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VE Day Party 1945

These two photographs are of the VE Party on May 8th 1945, in New York Street, which was situated where the Sainsbury’s store now stands behind London Road. The two storey car park and the Mayflower Flats were built on the site of the houses in the pictures.

Some names of faces I can remember are: Alice & Frank Hards (my parents), myself and brothers Frank, David & Ronald. Doris (in the top hat & Eunice Mitchell (in the highchair), Grace (in the sailors hat & Alfred Richardson (in the priest hat), Mrs. Poole and three of her children David, Michael, & Terry, Mrs. Townsend & her two daughters Jean and Carol, Albert Blake & Murray Felix Phillips.

Do you remember this party? Can you identify yourself or someone else? If you have any information to share, please leave a message below.

VE day party at New York Street
From the private collection of Fred Hards
VE day party at New York Street
From the private collection of Fred Hards

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  • Well, this is interesting. Many thanks Fred, for the photos. I couldn’t wait to open the page up and enlarge the pictures. The Poole family is who I wanted to see. David Poole and I started dating when I was 15 and five years later in 1966 we married. At that time David worked at Allen West and I got to know some of his friends there. Just wondering if you and I have met way back then? David and I are no longer married and I am not so certain from the photos who is who. My ex mother-in-law is clear. She was such a sweet warm lady. But the boys are not so obvious. It looks like David is the most front boy in the top photo because of his gentle shy nature and maybe Michael and Terry sit behind him? There is a younger boy between them. Could that be Robin, the 4th brother? It seems like you lived in the same street and knew them well. Can you help identify them for me, please? Meanwhile I will try to make contact with David to tell him he is on the web. I look forward to hearing more. Many thanks, Sandra. (

    By Sandra Bohtlingk (nee Baldwin) (12/05/2011)
  • Hello Sandra, Please give my regards to David when you contact him. I think the names of the boys are: Top photo -from in front right to left Denise Mitchell, Fred Hards, David Hards, Michael Poole at back Ron Hards & Frank Hards. Bottom photo – David Hards, Michael Poole, Terry Poole? Behind is Frank Hards & David Poole. Hope this helps. Regards Fred

    By Fred Hards (10/06/2011)
  • Hi Fred, remember me? I lived at No.47 New York Street at my grandparents’ house, very near to the old Mezzeppa Inn.

    By John Perriss (10/01/2012)
  • In the top picture, top right, with the black hat on, I think that’s my great granddad Alfred Richardson. In the bottom picture l think that’s my granddad just behind the person in the clown costume, also Alfred Richardson. Just wondered if my dad was at the party.

    By Robin Richardson (27/07/2014)
  • Hi Fred. Murray Felix Phillips was the brother of my 2 x Great Grandmother Mabel. I have never seen a photo of Murray before, which one is he in the photos, please? Thank you.

    By Lou Bryant (26/05/2017)
  • Dear Marion
    Sorry but we have had to delete your post. We are no longer allowing the posting of requests to find third parties, as sharing information like this breaches their privacy. We recommend you try social media websites if you want to track family, old friends or neighbours.
    Comments Editor

    By Marion Hewins (27/08/2017)
  • Just found this photo. My Mother Vera is in the picture. She is near the back on the left with the white pointed hat. The photo was taken just before her 16th birthday. I think she lived at number 32 with her Mum , also called Vera and her sister Elsie and her Father Alfred who died before I was born. We later moved into the street at number 26. This would have been about 1968/69.

    By Brian Holmwood (26/04/2020)
  • Just noticed that I didn’t mention my Mothers surname which was Manville.

    By Brian Holmwood (26/04/2020)

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