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Memories of a long gone community

This 1962 photograph shows the barrier across Richmond Street to stop runaway horses; Dinapore Street is on the left
Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

An unexpected beer delivery

I have memories of Sussex Terrace, Dinapore Street and Albion Hill. I do remember that a beer trailer toppled over negotiating the steep hills in the area and was leaking beer into the road, an assortment of receptacles appeared from most of the houses along the street, tin baths, jugs, bottles, bowls, you’ll be pleased to know none of it was wasted. We moved from Sussex Terrace to Dinapore Street because everything down hill had all be demolished at that time for the redevelopment.

Throttle a chicken for Christmas

My dad used to keep chickens, one of which would be throttled for Christmas dinner. Bath day was taken in a galvanised tin bath which spent the rest of the week hanging on the back garden wall. My Mum used to clean the pub at the end of the street. I remember the peculiar railings that divided the hill and one winter the drop filled with so much snow that I was submerged in it when I jumped into it.

Slum clearances

The Uptons ran a shop in Dinapore Street and when the street was pulled down as part of the slum clearances the, Uptons had a shop in Albion Hill between the Spread Eagle pub and Newark Place. I used to go up and feed the horse of the old rag and bone man who had a yard at the top of Newark Place. Later the Uptons had a shop on the corner of Jersey Street, which is now a residential address. My dad Ron, prior to being married, lived in Tilbury Way, and before that in Circus Street before the Municipal Market was built. All those houses were removed as part of the slum clearances. All wonderful memories of a time long gone when a community was just that…… a community.

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  • I was about 18 at the time the beer trailer tipped over and it is well remembered. I sampled a lot of beer that night, along with many others. Unfortunately, I had an exam the next day at the Tech and had the hangover of all hangovers, consequently I failed the exam.

    By Ron (19/12/2012)

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