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Westbourne Street, Aldrington
Neal Ball

Westbourne Street is not apparent on the 1881 census, although Westbourne Villas and Mews were. All the local roads were shown on the 1891 census. There are two 2-year-old children living at 32, Westbourne Street in the 1891 census, which would suggest that perhaps the street was built around 1891. I have since been told that there is / was a stream running under the street, called Westbourne Stream – hence the name.

I have done research on the following four houses in the street.

#7 Westbourne Street

Occupants in 1891 census:
Elizabeth (74) Lady of means b. Westminster
Caroline Long (51) Lodger b. Ellingham, Norfolk
Phoebe Heas (15) Servant b. Holloway

We know that a certain Ms Love lived in this house around 1945. Let’s just say, she was run out of Worthing, for “carrying on a trade of ill repute!” The reason we know that, it because her Great, Great Grand-daughter works for me!

#7 is still a house in 2002.

#30 Westbourne Street

Occupants in 1891 census:
2 families lived here then.There were 13 people in total, including 4 under the age of 10

Use in 2002
This building is divided into a maisonette and a one-bedroom flat.

#31 Westbourne Street

There is no mention on the 1891 census. Presumably it had been built, but was empty on census day (?). This house is different to all the others, in that it has access to a rear courtyard, the access way being built over.

#32 Westbourne Street

Occupants in 1891 census:

One family occupied three of the rooms:

Frederick Standing (27) Carpenter. b. Hove
Annie Standing (28) wife b. Warringcamp
Edith (2) b. Aldrington

Another family occupied four of the rooms:

William Smith (32) Bricklayer b. Brighton
Hale Smith (28) wife b. Brighton
John (2) b. Aldrington

Use in 2002
This building is divided into a maisonette and a one-bedroom flat.

#34 Westbourne Street

Occupants in 1891 census:
Elicia Pentlow (83) Gentleman of means.
Elizabeth Pentlow (57) wife
Plus a 66 year old female Lodger

Use in 2002
This building is divided into a maisonette and a one-bedroom flat.

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  • I am researching my family tree and I have found that my great grandmother lived with her family at 15, Westbourne Street in 1891. Would anyone have any details on number 15 at all? In the 1901 it appears that there is only my great grandmother on the census aged 15 and living with a uncle in Whippingham Road, Brighton and I can find no other trace of the rest of them.  Their names are Henry Richardson, Catherine Richardson, George, Albert, Henry, Kate and my great grandmother Caroline Louisa. I’d be glad for any help you can offer. Thanks Tina

    By Tina Grevett (09/03/2008)
  • My father was born at No. 97 in 1937. Is it still there? At some point the family moved to Leicester but we don’t know exactly when – or why! His name was Allan Pumfrett, his brother was Brian.

    By Adrienne Obbard (12/02/2009)
  • I am researching the history of Westbourne Place and Mews. I don’t suppose you have found anything about them in the course of your research?
    many thanks

    By Chris Redknap (09/03/2009)
  • My great grandmother, Louisa Boniface (widow of James Boniface), and her family lived at 42 Westbourne St. in the 1901 census. One daughter, Dolly, is listed with an Aunt and Uncle, Caroline and Frederick Richardson, 2 Whippingham Rd., in the same census. I am wondering if there is any connection to Tina Grevett?

    By Janet Glass (30/08/2009)
  • In the 1891 census I have my great (x3) grandparents registered as living in 34 Westbourne St, Aldrington. Their names were George and Eliza Dodman (incorrrectly transcripted as Todman). You have the Pentlows in the same house at the same time? I also cannot find anyone else you mention, yet I am definitely looking at 1891 and Westbourne St, Aldrington.

    By Wendy Black (10/10/2009)
  • Janet: I saw that as well.  Seems Dolly was a cousin of my great grandma.

    By Tina Grevett (21/07/2010)
  • We are renovating 51 Westbourne Villas and are interested in any historic information regarding the property, who built the property and when and who has lived in it in the past.

    By Kay Fairall (24/10/2013)
  • In regard to Neil Balls research, I have 2 documents dated 1892 (a year after the census) referring to 31 Upper Westbourne Street, where a Mr Barker sells it to a Mr King, who is a Pork Butcher.

    I am presuming that there was originally an Upper and Lower Westbourne Street, as in a document dated 1902 it just refers to Westbourne Street. Does anyone know when the road name was changed and the houses, again I am presuming, were re-numbered?

    I also have an 1883 document “Additional Abstract of Title of Mr George Buster to freehold land in Wordsworth street in the Parish of Aldrington Sussex. I am unclear if there were houses on this or whether Mr George Buster of Brighton, a builder was going to build them together with a Mr George Freeman of Brighton,  a Cement Merchant. Is this of use to anyone? I’m afraid I cant really understand it!

    By G West (12/06/2017)
  • Re G West’s 1883 document: I am researching George Buster (aka George Burstow) who built literally thousands of houses in Brighton and Hove. Ones in Hove (and Aldrington) are harder to track down so this is interesting. Would it be possible to arrange to see it or a scan?

    By David Fisher (10/12/2017)

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