A miscellany from 1977

These photographs of the variety of signs around Brighton were photographed in July 1977. More than half are still there, although one of them has been moved into the museum.

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  • The Wheat Sheaf Inn was at 27, Bond Street. The pub dates from before 1800, pre-dating the renaming of the road from New Street to Bond Street.

    By Andy Grant (27/09/2006)
  • The cork shop was not in Bond Street, but in Gardener Street on the east side.

    By Ray Smith (30/09/2006)
  • I lived in Bond Street as a child and would often stand outside The Cork Shop, in Bond Street, gazing at the window. I became acquainted with the owners who invited me into the shop after seeing me outside so regularly. I remember the shop being dismantled and though sad, also felt happy that it was to be recreated in Brighton Library. Where is it now?

    By Deborah Rooney (18/10/2006)
  • The shop front is in Brighton Museum. I live in London but I used to regularly visit the Cork Shop in the 1980s to see my father’s cousin Doris, the owner of the Cork Shop.

    By Natalie Lyons (22/10/2006)
  • I remember the shops in St. Georges Road, but can’t seem to place this shop. Any idea whereabouts it was situated.

    Mick Peirson

    By Mick Peirson (19/11/2006)
  • I don’t remember the front entrance to The Wheatsheaf, however I do remember the tiny rear entrance from New Road. There was a narrow alley-way between two buildings, I wonder if its still there? The pub was very small, I would guess one of the smallest in Brighton. I used to go there about 1970 when I was only 16 as it was well hidden, and they seemed to serve anyone without question. I’m going to see if the alley is still there and get a photo!

    By Peter Groves (09/05/2008)
  • Well done a great record of 1977. Although 1977 doesn’t seem that long ago, the photos look as if they could have taken in 1877. Change was much slower between 1877 and 1977!

    By Peter Groves (09/05/2008)
  • This is a pub in East Street.

    By Wayne Wareham (25/07/2008)
  • I’m researching the Beall family history and suspect this business was established by Tom Hide Beall born 1840 (son of Thomas Beall – Fishmonger in Market Street). Tom Hide Beall was born and trained as a Cork Cutter in Brighton but also worked in Hackney London for about ten years before returning to establish Beall & Co Cork Merchants in Gardner Street in 1883. I believe his son George William Beall (1874) followed his father in the business but know very little about what happened after the 1911 census. If Natalie Lyons (above) reads this I’d be interested to know if her father’s cousin Doris was a member of the Beall family?

    By Barry Lowe (28/09/2010)
  • I remember the cork well as I left school in 1964 and worked in Bond Street and used to past this shop everday. I can  recall a man who stood in the  doorway a lot asking  everybody if they knew anybody who wanted a job as his apprentice he always wore a brown stores coat. An advert was in his shop for a long time. I remember he started someone and a week later the advert was back again.

    By TONY LIDBETTER (05/03/2011)
  • Actually this pub still stands on the corner of North Road and Upper Gardener Street.

    By Alan Phillips (07/09/2012)

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