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'The Tuck Shop'

The Tuck Shop: undated photograph
Image reproduced with kind permission of The Royal Pavilion and Museums Brighton and Hove

Do you remember ‘The Tuck Shop’?

Did you buy your sweets or ciggies there? If so, when was this photograph taken.

And where was the shop?

If you can remember, please leave a comment below.

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  • Way before my time, but to me it looks like the shop at the bottom of St James Street.

    By Carol Homewood (06/06/2011)
  • No idea where, but love the brick pavement! Haven’t things gone downhill, first brick pavement, then paving slabs, now black ugly tarmac! Just a guess, Hanover area?

    By Peter Groves (07/06/2011)
  • I wonder if this is the little shop that was in Carlton Hill just down from St John’s School, that us kids called ‘Charlies’?

    By Duffy (07/06/2011)
  • Got a feeling this is Montpelier Road, south end, could well be where Uncle Sam’s started – fingers crossed.

    By Paul (07/06/2011)
  • Good shout Paul, it does look like the original Uncle Sam’s, (prior to Uncle Sam’s) I went there in the early 1970s.

    By Peter Groves (07/06/2011)
  • Spot on Paul; west side of Monpelier Road just below the old Oriental pub.

    By Dan O'Shaughnessy (07/06/2011)
  • This certainly appears to be the confectionery shop run by Mrs. M. Blomfield during the 1950s at 4A, Montpelier Road. The advert for ‘Chandy’ and the penny bubblegum machine is consistent with the late fifties or very early sixties.

    By Andy Grant (08/06/2011)
  • I think this might be a photo of the Tuck Shop Cafe that used to be in Whitehawk Road.

    By Alan Hobden (08/06/2011)
  • I have a feeling Montpelier Road may be right, especially if you look at the letters “MONT” showing as part of a word above the doorway!

    By Alan Hobden (08/06/2011)
  • Paul is dead right about Uncle Sams. This is the same building and I can still remember when Sams first opened. For further confirmation use Google Maps and activate the walk by feature. The pavement grill has gone, but the structure and surroundings is still the same.

    By Bob. (originally from Brighton) (08/06/2011)
  • Well, I thought straight away – it’s where Uncle Sam’s is now in Montpelier Road – that’s if Uncle Sam’s is still there. So I agree with you guys. 

    By Joy Pantelli (10/06/2011)
  • Kelly’s (1947) list a tailer, Abraham Bloomfield, at 4 Montpelier Road. In 1954 a confectioner, (Mrs M.A. Blomfield), though not named “The Tuck Shop”. By 1973, it is not listed. The Oriental P. H. is named at 5/6 Montpelier Road in 1947, 1954 and 1973. I lived in a bed-sit at 16 Montpelier Road in summer 1967. I do not recall this shop, though. Some would die for those advertising signs now……

    By Roy (12/06/2011)
  • This is definitely where Uncle Sam’s is – bottom of Montpelier Road. We used to live in No. 20 Montpelier Road and me and my sister used to go in here to get our sweets.

    By Maria Richmond now fitzpatrick (27/08/2012)
  • The “Chaney” drink on the board outside the shop was marketed by Fryco’s and tasted absolutely foul, so much so that it was soon withdrawn.

    By John Davis (11/10/2016)
  • I think this is the shop as you come up New England Road. You vere right to go up Old Shoreham Road and just past the arches. I remember going there in the 50s, an old couple husband and wife.

    By Peter James Cooper (22/08/2018)
  • This shop was 4A Montpelier Road, Brighton and was indeed the Uncle Sam’s first shop. I helped in the sweet shop/tobacconist in 1962/63 when the owner was then a Mrs Conway and she lived in Hove somewhere with her husband.

    By Lesley Smith (14/12/2021)

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