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St Margaret's

St Margaret's Church, Rottingdean
Photo by Julia Phelan

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  • What a beautiful church and a beautiful photograph. I feel certain that my grandfather, Harry Frederick Hunt, son of Frederick Harry Hunt and Rosa Caroline Baldacci, was baptised in this church c.1863. Frederick Harry was an artist. My grandfather, Harry Frederick Hunt, came to Sydney, Australia where he married my grandmother in 1899. I have searched many records but cannot find the actual record of his baptism although his marriage and death certificates show that he was born at Rottingdean. I was in that area in 1998 when I did not have this information and would dearly love to return, but that is not possible.

    By Marjorie Raven (12/05/2006)
  • I remember going to boarding school here when I was 9 yrs old. We used to go to this church every Sunday. This was in 1967. All I remember was the rainy old days and having to walk to church!

    By Caroline Abbott ( Pratt ) (20/07/2006)
  • It is nice to see a picture of the church. My parents were married there, with both sister, father and grandparents buried there. After visiting recently i cannot imagine a more peaceful place to rest.

    By Lazarus (01/08/2006)
  • Albert Barrow – died 10th December 1899 age 19. Inscription on grave stone most intriguing. Would be very grateful for any information. Thank you.

    By Dawn Johnson (06/08/2006)
  • Did any of you out there know, that if it wasn’t for one of St Margaret’s vicars and his church wardens, in the 1940s, the church would have been dismantled stone by stone and shipped out to California. When the Forest Lawns was being built in Los Angeles, an offer was made to buy the church, but was turned down. To compromise, the Church of the Recessional Forest Lawn was built. The exterior is the exact replica of St Margaret’s.

    By Harry Atkins (11/05/2009)
  • Is anyone able to tell me please, where the Baptism records for St.Margaret’s for c.1863 are? Are they still with the church or have they been placed in archives?

    By Marjorie (18/04/2010)
  • Could you please advise me if baptism records for St. Margaret’s Church (c.1866) are held at the church?
    If not, do you know where they would be held? I am still searching for the baptism of Harry Fredrick Hunt, my grandfather. I would be extremely grateful for any assistance of advice you can offer.

    By Marjorie Raven (07/05/2019)

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